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  • Knowledgeable and Approachable

    A very professional law firm that did a great job on our estate planning. Leslie and her staff were very knowledgeable and approachable. They did just a great job

    - John S.

  • Wonderful Experience
    My experience with Leslie and the whole team was wonderful. I had an existing trust from another state that had to be updated and modified. Everything was fully explained, and the course of action was well laid out. I left feeling very safe and well taken care of.

    - Laurie T.

  • No One is as Capable, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, or as Friendly as Leslie

    My husband and I are in our 70s and decided it was past time to think about estate planning. Each of us had a will from years past and created one at Legal Zoom online about five years ago, but we didn’t feel that was enough. Our friends were talking about creating Trusts, which were more tax-friendly than a regular will. When I started looking for estate lawyers in Sussex County, Delaware on the Internet, I saw photos of older men, in dark suits, standing up straight with their arms crossed, and thought, “that’s not what I want”. I decided I wanted a female estate lawyer, who didn’t mix other kinds of law into her practice. I came upon Leslie DiPietro, saw a couple of positive reviews, and said, “she’s the one”. Leslie explained the benefits of a trust, and the process of creating a trust, and described the different kinds of trusts. She took her time and gave us handouts that explained the process she described. We decided to go with her firm, and she created trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and health directives for us. Along the way, we continued to contact Leslie’s office with our questions, which were answered by Leslie, Courtney, her Estate Planning Assistant, and Devon, the office’s Relationship Manager. The process forced us to look at the assets we held, the tangible personal property we acquired over a lifetime, the people we wanted to inherit the above, our health directives, end-of-life arrangements, and more. This was not an overnight process. With Leslie’s guidance, we were able to create the trusts that would work best for us. When the time comes, we are satisfied that our Trustees (our grown children) need only open the file, take out Leslie’s card and give her a call. She will be there to help them carry out our wishes. We don’t think you could find a more capable, knowledgeable, dedicated, or friendly Estate Lawyer to help you with the otherwise difficult task of preparing to pass your estate onto the ones you love.

    - Lynn P.

  • Very Comfortable and Helpful Experience

    Very comfortable and helpful experience with everyone we have dealt with. They all seem knowledgeable and competent. We feel quite secure with their handling of our affairs.

    - John M.

  • The Very Best Estate Planners

    The very best estate planners. They explain without making me feel insecure or uneducated.

    - Aurthur S.

  • Excellent Attorney

    I know Mrs. DiPietro to be an excellent attorney that is always willing and prepared to diligently assist her clients.

    - Tasha S.

  • Professional, Courteous, and Friendly

    Professional, courteous, and friendly assistance was provided in estate planning following our move to the area. Very pleased with both the quality and timeliness of the services provided.

    - John A.

  • Highly Recommend this Law Firm!

    Very pleased with our experience with DiPietro Law firm. All Staff were very Professional and extremely helpful and answered all our questions. I Highly recommend this firm.

    - Ruth C.

  • Highly Recommend DiPietro Law for Estate Planning

    Leslie and her team have managed our Maryland Estate Planning needs for over four years, and we are extremely happy with her guidance and responsiveness. We highly recommend DiPietro Law to anyone needing Estate Planning services!

    - Bill R.

  • We Could Not be Happier!

    During a very difficult time, Leslie and her office went out of their way to aid me in the settlement of an estate. The things I learned along the way made me realize that my husband and I did not want our beneficiaries to have to go through the same. For this reason, he and I chose Leslie and staff to develop a plan for us. We could not be happier with how things have been arranged. We have recommended their services to friends and family and will continue to do so.

    - Randy R.

  • Leslie and Team are the Best!

    Leslie and team are the best! They explained things to my wife and I in a manner that we could understand - plain and simple. We are confident that we achieved our goal in Estate Planning and assured by the fact they are only a phone call away.

    - Bill R.

  • We Wholeheartedly Recommend Leslie and Her Staff

    Leslie and her staff are very welcoming and informative. They walk you through step by step all the possibilities of what is available for the overall protection of your assets. They are thorough in answering your questions so you can make the most informed decision. They are very accommodating as we had plans to leave for an extended period and were able to complete the whole process before leaving. We wholeheartedly recommend Leslie and her staff!

    - Debbie F.

  • All Our Questions Answered!

    Leslie and her team were very helpful with our final will and directives. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney. They took the time to answer all our questions.

    - Dennis D.

  • Extremely Friendly Team

    If you're looking for an attorney on the Eastern Shore look no further than here. They offered professional, confidential services to give you peace of mind. The entire team is extremely friendly and goes out of the way to accommodate your needs.

    - Chuck

  • Help at Every Step

    Leslie and her crew are the best. They explained the various options very well and made sure I understood my choices. At this law firm, the customer clearly comes first. They made a difficult process easy and helped at every step. Thanks!

    - Robert K.

  • Highly Recommend!

    Leslie and her team were efficient in their process from beginning to end. They were courteous, professional, and patient! I have such peace of mind now knowing my affairs are in order should something happen. Highly recommend!!

    - Erin S.

  • We Recommend the Team to Anyone!

    Leslie and her team assisted us with our Estate planning needs as we relocated to Delaware. Leslie listened to what we wanted to achieve and helped us document our wishes. Thank you for giving us much-needed peace of mind Leslie. We would recommend you and your team to anyone!

    - Kelly B.

  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
    I could not recommend this law firm any more highly. This boutique firm combines outstanding professionalism and competence with a personal touch. Because of their commitment and expertise, my father, a WWII veteran, will be receiving a VA monthly pension to enable him to live in an assisted living facility and receive the attention and care he needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    - Henry F.

  • We had a great experience when preparing our estate plan with Leslie DiPietro.
    We had a great experience when preparing our estate plan with Leslie DiPietro. Beyond being incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating, Leslie took the time to walk through the process in detail, answering all of our questions. She helped guide us through some sensitive scenarios and put our minds at ease. Leslie truly cares about her clients, and made us feel like family.

    - Lauren S.

  • Leslie DiPietro is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to elder law.
    Leslie DiPietro is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to elder law. She took what could be considered an uncomfortable topic and made us feel completely open to the discussion and planning. Now we feel very prepared for any future outcome, and know that Leslie and her firm have our genuine best interests at heart. She has been an absolute blessing to our family.

    - Matt J.