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Plan- Don’t Wait for an Emergency

It’s often difficult to think about the possibility of accidents, illness or incompetency. Although difficult, it is essential to have a plan for life’s unpredictable events in order to possess peace of mind. If advance planning has not been done, the outcome in a highly stressful and emotional situation may be less than desired. Your wishes and voice may not be heard and honored, your loved ones may be forced (with very little time) to figure out what options you have- the list of negative possibilities sounds endless.

Planning ahead allows you to have your strategy ready when it’s needed and for your wishes to be heard and honored- even if you are unable to voice them yourself at the time.

Educate Yourself on Your Options

It is critical to understand that an estate plan that suits your neighbors’ needs may not be best suited to serve your own. In our practice, we believe in making informed decisions. This means taking a step into our everyday world of Estate Planning and Elder Law and understanding state law and process and what it means for you, your loved ones, and your assets. Without a true understanding of our options, we may fall victim to having a false sense of security. Our Initial Consultation process is designed to educate our potential clients, so they feel confident in making informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Don’t Wait to Act

Estate planning is best created proactively so that you and your loved ones are not forced to think reactively. Something as seemingly simple as not having a thorough and broad Power of Attorney could turn into money and time being spent on a Guardianship process that otherwise could have been avoided. There are usually options for people who have failed to do preplanning and are in “crisis” mode, however, for most, crisis planning strategies are Plan B- not Plan A.

Execute Your Plan with an Expert

It is important to work with an experienced Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney. These fields are everchanging and require an attorney to be highly knowledgeable and up to date with current law. At DiPietro Law, we are a boutique firm- meaning we practice solely in the areas of estate planning and elder law serving Delaware and Maryland clients.

Our firm meets with people of all walks of life with differing goals, circumstances, troubles and triumphs. However, the common thread between us all is that we want the peace of mind in knowing that we have created a plan that protects us and what we love through every stage of life. We can cross our fingers and hope for the best or we can be proactive, so our loved ones are not forced to be reactive.

DiPietro Law LLC can help you craft the estate plan that’s right for you. To get started, call our Millsboro office today at (302) 240-9969.